John Cooney

Despite specialising in Illustration in art college, John worked for many years in advertising and then teaching. He has only been able to paint full time in the past few years but love having the time to indulge in painting – having won quite a few awards, at the Royal Ulster Academy, The Watercolour Society of Ireland and recently got second prize in Artist of the Year In the Mall Galleries, London.

Breda Kenny

Kildare based portrait artist, Breda Kenny, has been honing her skills in this area for the past five years. Originally a graphic designer, Breda has blended her design skills with her ability to capture the essence of her subject.
Breda’s meticulous eye for detail translates effortlessly to paper. She reveals the story in faces and the spirit in the eyes. Her work ranges from iconic celebs to the unknown individual, but they all have a common trait, each subject has an intensity and emotion in every detail.

Jurga Ryan

Jurga, from Kaunas, Lithuania is from a family of artists. Training in landscape design, she saw things from the ground up and life itself would become a focal point in her artistry.

Rebekah Mooney

Rebekah was born in Barcelona in 1992 and raised in Donegal. Having grown up in a family that devoted their lives to the arts, she has always been absorbed by creativity.

Reza Macdougald

Reza Macdougald, born in 1967 has been a full-time artist for over 25 years. He is a multi-disciplined artist having worked in many mediums but specialising at present in oils.

Trudie Mooney

Born in Brighton, Trudie has lived in Ireland since 1992.  She has exhibited regularly in Ireland since 1998 and is represented in many public and corporate collections and in private collections in the UK, USA, France, Spain, Denmark and New Zealand.

Ann Flynn

Ann comes from an illustration and graphic design background. She is an honours graduate of TU Dublin in Visual Communications.

A regular contributor to the Irish Times, her work was much in demand in the cut-throat world of advertising where she was widely regarded as one of the top illustrators in the country particularly in the notoriously difficult area of equine art.

Isobel Egan

Isobel Egan

Isobel Egan is a ceramic artist living and working in Ireland. Isobel graduated in 2005 with a Masters of Arts, Design, Ceramics from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She has received numerous awards for her work including the Taylor Art Award from the Royal Dublin Society in 1999,  the Golden Fleece Award (merit) in 2006 and the Visual Art Bursary Award, Kildare County Council  2014.

Niamh King

Niamh King is an Irish artist living in Kildare. Niamh graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2017 with joint honours in Painting and Visual Culture. In the years following She has continually developed her artistic practice whilst pursuing further education. Niamh’s work comprises of skillfully crafted paintings in acrylic and oil, these works are created through a process of deconstruction, layering and reconstruction. Taking inspiration and reference from visual imagery of gardens, architecture, and classical artworks.