Reza Macdougald

Reza Macdougald, born in 1967 has been a full-time artist for over 25 years.  He is a multi-disciplined artist having worked in many mediums but specialising at present in oils. 

His immense love of nature transpires in his work, whether it is landscape, flora or fauna, his impressionist style and use of colour exudes a warmth that captivates the eye.

Also working in White Marble over the last 8 years, he is one of a select few sculptors that work in this beautiful medium, creating stunning pieces of wildlife and other subjects in a simplistic but stylish form, which at present are available exclusively at The White Box Gallery.

He has many significant collections in the corporate sector in Ireland and his works are also held privately both nationally and internationally.

At present Reza is the resident artist and teacher at The White Box Gallery. Devoting his time to sharing his passion and knowledge of painting and sculpture to his students, whilst continuing to produce his own works.


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